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We provide a powerful recommendation engine and data management solution for galleries and online art marketplaces.
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Our Mission
To empower our customers to better connect artists with consumers by harnessing the power of AI and business intelligence.
Use Our Quiz as a Service

Power your Business with our Recommendation Engine

We offer galleries and online marketplaces the opportunity to integrate our personalized recommendations quiz with their website in order to automate curation of artwork to consumers.

Additionally, we offer customers the opportunity to leverage Alexandria's user base by using our internal quiz app to advertise their artists' new artworks.

Our image classification algorithms and AI-powered recommendation systems draw upon our diverse dataset of works across mediums such as paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, and even digital NFTs.

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prayer, painting by Em Ning
Manage Your Data Efficiently

Organize your Customer and Artist Data using our Data Management Tool

Managing data about consumers, buyers, and artists as well as transaction information in disparate locations using different tools can be cumbersome.

Alexandria's data management tool provides you with a pipeline to better organize your data from different locations including Google Drive, Shopify, and Typeform among other platforms for other use cases.

Our single source of truth solution gives you the ability to choose which vendors see what information and gives you the opportunity to explore selling data access to vendors as another revenue stream.

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Optimize Your Business using AI

Understand Consumer Insights to Improve Marketing and Sales

By utilizing our quiz as a service and data management tool, we can provide your business with more accurate with analytics around art inventory for various mediums, optimize your artist relations based on consumer sentiment and interests, and ultimately, improve your profit margins.

Using our ML-based models will help you forcast your costs, consumer demand based on art style, and revenue by geographic region.

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