About Alexandria

Who We Are

Alexandria is using data to connect the previously disjointed pieces of the online art market. Consumers, artists and businesses all have had a difficult time navigating the non-transparent world of fine art. As a company, Alexandria was founded on the premise that access to art should be affordable and open to all, for virtual and physical experiences alike.

Our first products will be targeting galleries and online marketplaces. For businesses, Alexandria consolidates actionable market and consumption insights to help business leaders identify their target demographics for consumers and artists.

As a little bit of history on the company, we spun the business out of Columbia University in 2020 and are currently incubated with the Columbia Startup Lab.

For Investors

Our Value Proposition

Alexandria is uniquely positioned to sit between creator economies and marketplaces, user-generated content and discovery, and being a data and service provider for businesses such as galleries and auction houses. We have an opportunity to build a unique creative ecosystem providing artworks personalized to users budgets tastes while building a platform of diverse artwork that users of all backgrounds find interesting. We can also utilize our robust internal data pipelines to help existing art sellers make better business decisions.

Learn more at www.onepager.vc/alexandria

For Galleries and Online Marketplaces

Powering Your Insights and Art Data

For businesses, we provide three different services: 1) harness our recommendation engine to improve your consumer engagement, retention, and improve sales conversion on curated art pieces, 2) database management for CRM, sales, artist management, and e-commerce, and 3) analytics to forecast better decisions for successful sales conversions and demand forecasting using maching learning.

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For Artists

Connecting you to New Galleries and Marketplaces

If you are an artist, contact us directly at hello@alexandria.app and we will introduce you to new galleries and marketplaces within your areas of artistic style, medium, and genre.

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