Check out these Tools for your Business as an Art Marketplace or Gallery

Check out our AI-Driven Features Dedicated to Grow Your Artist and Consumer Bases

Recommendations as a Service
Integrate a custom quiz (similar to our Demo Quiz) onto your website to better curate artwork based on the preferred mediums, styles, and genres of your consumers.

Recommendations can improve consumer engagement by more than 20% and sales conversions by 50%.
Engagement Generation by Alexandria
Allow your artists' pieces to be marketed on our Alexandria mobile app.*

Enable consumers to share artworks they like with social media and lead more engaged users to your artist community and business website.

*feature in development
Data Management as a Single Source of Truth
Manage all of your customer, consumer, and artist info. all in one location. The database can be integrated with any datasheets (ie. Excel, Google Sheets) as well as e-commerce platforms (ie. Shopify).

Query any information about sales, artist management, and sales outreach from a single database.
Analytics on Business Performance
Understand variations in the demand cycle for your artworks as well as purchase details, insurance values, condition, provenance, shipping, etc. in any currency.

Optimize your brand to reduce overhead costs on low engagement art by reinvesting in styles viewed the most by your consumers.
Sales and Vendor Pipelines
Query any information about sales, artist management, and sales outreach from a single database.

Manage any sales or vendor access from a single location and generate/optimize a new stream of revenue by working with brand agencies, brokerages, and more by providing access to art info.
Business Intelligence on Consumer Behavior
Utilize our custom dashboards based on quiz engagement to better track consumer interactions and purchase behavior. *

Make better judgments about artworks to curate based on engagement and sales to boost profit margins by 10% or more.

*feature in development
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